CoEfficient & AmaJob Cooperation

We help organizations become more profitable by measuring performance from the human perspective.

amajob + coefficient

Gain clarity in the performance of your organization

The CoEfficient platform empowers you to unearth hidden insights from your most valuable data source – your staff. This enables you to create precise strategies for immediate enhancement. Not only can you gauge your progress over time, but you can also proactively monitor your staff’s mental well-being and offer assistance when necessary.

of employees

are disengaged at work

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CoEfficient + AmaJob =

Mindful, Sustainable & Profitable Business


The CoEfficient assessment tool was designed by scientists, psychologists and experienced subject matter experts in their fields. Employee anonymity is fully baked into the platform.

Versatility & Applicability

The CoEfficient platform is applicable across any sector, the only criteria is having humans! It can be used in any organization over 10 employees.

Raise Profitability by taking care of your people

The Coefficient assessment tool applies strict ethical principles that guide the use of the data. At the core of this commitment lies the CoEfficient Foundation, a dedicated team of Subject Matter Experts who meticulously oversee the platform’s methodology, data handling, and adherence to rigorous ethical standards. 


Data Collection

Survey deployed to staff, via email, link or mobile.

Data Matrix

Human data run through analytical algorithm matrix.


Visualise business performance via the CoEfficient Success Dashboard.


Maximise performance with:
- Insights
- Move towards the
right questions
- Engage with advisors
Best data source
People focused decision making
Easy to use

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