AmaJob Digital Mentoring

Take advantage of the competencies of our consultants.

  • Help your employees adapt into digital and work remotely
  • Stay competitive and relevant on the market
  • Begin and progress your transition to digital transformation

Digital mentoring

We are a consulting company, which supports your employees in adapting into digital workplaces in order to help you grow your business.


Final employee benefit – help those who leave your company with the last benefit and help for their future


You make intro your company and procedures, we make intro into digital tools, services, security etc

Digital changes

Introducting remote work to organisation? Non digital personnel wants to move into digital? We can help with that

Download a sample of our 100+ step guide “Getting into Digital” for free

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How we work?

First ‘touch base’ call for free. Talk with us!


Research and needs analysis

We get to know your organization and problems you are dealing with in order to create tailored consultation plan for your employees

Getting to know employees

We check your employees knowledge and competences in order to personalize their learning materials and consultation plan

Employee mentoring

A dedicated set of presentations and how-to's for your company/industry.
1,5h consulting conversation.
Final guides, to-do's, checklists and recommendations.

Benefits from digital mentoring


Your employees' work engagement will raise


Your employees will easily get familiar with digital tools and way of working


Your workforce will be skilled in the best practices of the digital age


Your company will stay competitive and relevant on the market

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