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A quick guide on how to search for a job online.

Looking for a job after the pandemic is getting easier and easier. People got to know that working from home can be as effective as working from the office. It also affects research making and the process of job search. You can find a dream job from home, sitting in your favorite armchair. So what to do first to find what you are looking for?

As many as 79% of the unemployed used the Internet in order to find a suitable offer for themselves.

Such a large percentage should not come as a surprise, as more and more employers advertise themselves online.

Job Vacancies. New job step by step.


Instant Job Notifications

Here are some tips and advice on what to do to give yourself a chance to find and get your dream job.

Know where to look.

Company websites will be a good source of information about your new job and employer. Think what type of the profession would be the most matched with your skills. There are many groups on the Internet where you will find chats with people in the same life situation as you. Job seekers usually know more about what kind of industry they see themselves in.

Job search applications can be really useful. By setting email alerts you get all new notifications from recruitment agencies, containing job boards, job titles, job sites, and details about the recruiting process, furthermore, you can count on the support group’s advice. This kind of website, page or app helps candidates interested in searching for a new job, focusing on industries linked with their education path. Web business sectors create database tools for job seekers, employer agencies and headhunters. Try Linkedin as your first shot!

Job Boards

When scrolling through job boards be consistent and don’t give up. Sometimes we have to wait to meet the right person, same about the right job. Be flexible. While you focus only on looking for a specific position (e.g. customer service) – the perfect job for you may be placed under a completely different title. Therefore, try to look for synonyms. If the website allows this functionality, use the category search to get a broader spectrum. Just make sure you don’t limit yourself strictly to one category. Of course focus on your skills and talent you have, but do not close yourself for new options.

Be patient, the recruitment process sometimes can take some time, don’t send too many emails, or don’t call the headhunters every day, if they see you desperate they may not recommend you to your potential employers. Send the pdf with your CV to many places, make a note about each of them to be ready when the employer calls you. It will help you when they notice that you know exactly who called you.

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