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Entry-level remote jobs

List of 12 entry-level remote jobs you can switch to, with no experience.

Today we would like to present to you 12 entry-level remote jobs in a digital industry you can do remotely, and safely from your own home.


Create a space for your values at home.

Permanent salary is crucial in our sense of financial safety. Leading provider of this feeling is right, matched with our needs. We can of course search terms in Google like “work for me” or “work from home jobs”. We should ask ourselves what our crucial work value is and try to find the next job focusing on that factor. If we want to work remotely, the meaning and role we want to play is as important as working from the office. Many job types can make the choice harder to pick, especially if the previous experience didn’t teach us to stand for our rights and values. Successful careers find a beginning in verifying the needs of future employees. Hours spent doing wide research often is not a solution. Deep down we all know what we want, what we feel is lacking in our daily life. Remote jobs can also give an opportunity to find a schedule that matches our dreams and plans. Good money, healthcare, full-time job or half-time one, maybe a remote job? Everything is possible.

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, many of us, especially those who work in brick-and-mortar businesses can face a sudden loss of a job. Here are some easily accessible positions you can apply for, in order to find a new job quickly.


1. Online tutor 

Doesn’t matter what you can teach, be it elementary level math, languages, or even dancing. Nowadays online tutoring is the most wanted position ever.


2. Online consulting

You don’t have to be a therapist, doctor, lawyer, to give online consultations? Your hobby is gardening? You can try to make it to your advantage.


3. Translator

Do you know languages? Try a career as a professional translator.


4. Copywriter

Writing comes to you easily? What to say, copywriting is not the best-paid job in the world, and there are a lot of open entry-level remote jobs openings on every job board.

Also good to know that technical, medical, and scientific writers and editors are in high demand, and the work can pay even well. There are a lot of open entry-level positions.


5. Content marketing writer

A content marketing writer is responsible for creating online written content – blogs, articles, ebooks, white papers, social media copy, infographic copy, and more. That builds trust and loyalty with readers while engaging and informing them. If you are familiar with technology, the digital industry and like writing, you can give it a chance.


6. Email marketing specialist

If you are interested in web technologies and have basic knowledge of the digital marketing industry you can try managing a company’s email campaigns. No expert knowledge required.

entry-level remote jobs

7. Customer Support Rep / Virtual Assistant

If you are “good with people” and want to find a job quickly this might be for you. E-Mail correspondence, answering Skype phone calls, and helping customers via chats are just some of the tasks you can do in this position.


8. Customer Success Specialist

As a Customer Success Specialist you will be responsible for providing a seamless and personal onboarding and launch experience for new customers. This position may require a bit of previous customer experience, but entry-level jobs also occur.


9. Data entry

Another, no experience needed, job, as you will be responsible for entering customer and account data from source documents within time limits. Compiling, verifying the accuracy and sorting information to prepare source data for computer entry. Reviewing data for deficiencies or errors, correcting any incompatibilities and checking output.


10. Recruiter

If you have ever had experience in HR this might be a perfect position for you. As a remote recruiter, you will be responsible for finding qualified candidates to fill job openings for their clients.


11. Content moderator

The content moderator’s job is to make sure that items are placed in the right category, are free from scams, don’t include any illegal items and much more. No experience needed.


12. Website tester

Website testers are primarily responsible for testing and monitoring websites and web applications. Testing on multiple desktops, laptops, and mobile devices by applying quality-assurance methods. You can give it a chance if you are detail-oriented, possess basic programming skills, and have a commitment to accuracy.


Is it possible to find an entry-level remote job?

Yes, it is. And you can use it your way, make it an advantage, and even change your life for the better.

Here you will find some useful tips on how to deal with remote work and family at home.