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Companies that put the planet first change the world for good.


Everyday there is a new challenge we need to face. However, some of them are not possible to defeat by an individual. One of these types of hazards is the good of the Earth, our planet. It is known  that an increasing number of people vocalise their remarks about the ongoing situation and try to help. Furthermore, more and more companies are attempting to overcome the negative impact they can have on the environment. These kinds of corporations are called planet-first companies.


Green economy and sustainable management.

green economy is an economy that aims at reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, and that aims for sustainable development without degrading the environment. More and more industries search for a ways to have a positive impact on our planet, by sustainable management. Sustainable practices are tracked in a number of measurable ways including environmental factors such as how much energy and water are consumed and how much carbon emissions and waste are generated.

What precisely do planet-first companies stand for?

Planet-oriented firms support sustainability and protect the environment in order to make a healthier planet for future generations. It may be accomplished  through green regulations – like new technologies safe for the environment, law regulations,  mobilizing people to take part in activities significant for this purpose. Moreover, planet-first companies make investments for better financial performance and the possibility to make a change.


Change for the future generations.

It is also known that these efforts have an impact on people’s everydayness. This approach can also equal better access to healthier nutrition, less carbon footprint, and at the same time improved air quality. Participants of this policy underline the importance of using renewable energy and emissions reporting. They encourage other firms to contribute to that long-term project that should be crucial for every person living on Earth, for a better future.


Planet-first business tend to respond to concerns regarding sustainability, either of employees or the public.

They also focus on persistent improvement in terms of their performance and set themselves sustainable development goals. Employees are encouraged to make a difference to communities, to solve environmental issues, and to improve recycling.

people forest

People-first and planet-first companies easier achieve sustainable development goals.

There are a lot of organisations combining people-first and planet-first approach within their company structure. It is believed those two factors are complementary. Through improving one of them, they also strengthen the other, as people cannot be supported or developed in the short-term. Or at least not sustainably so. Short-term growth is driven by extractive approaches to natural and human resources, squeezing the most you can get from both employees and the world. “Building a company to last, on the other hand, is a marathon, not a sprint. It favors approaches that develop and regenerate the people and planet that drive a business.” Read more about how people-first companies are the best for the planet.


Environmental standards communities.

If the company is known as a planet-first one, they have access to special enterprises that can ensure about business values and help establish environmental standards. Some of the established organisations:

Planet first energy

Planet first Partners

Planet Mark Certification


These are only examples, and more of them are available to businesses. The only condition is a willingness to make a change. If you would like to be a part of the change find the job in planet-first company – here.