Programmatic Employer Branding and Recruitment Campaigns

Take advantage of the competencies of our EB and marketing strategists

  • Become a recognized employer by building brand awareness
  • Gather job candidates by effective lead generation campaigns

What are you struggling with?

No matter what your recruitment needs are, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to find the right solution. We focus on efficient ROI by personalized, candidate-centric strategies.

Too high rotation – quitting employees

Let’s face it, your employees aren’t probably as happy as they could be.

The problem may lay in many different areas connected with the Employer Brand strength: it can be weak Company Culture that stands in opposition to the employees values, unsatisfying or undefined Career Paths, too low salaries… Let’s find out!

Troubles hiring new, qualified employees

Conversion on your open positions is low or unsatisfying?

Maybe your Employer Brand is unknown and too few candidates reach your open positions, or recruitment processes are complicated, and job posts unclear… Let us help you hiring some great, new people!

“A record number of employees are quitting or thinking about doing so.”

(McKinsey & Company, September 2021)

Why trust us?

We have worked for many local and international companies in Europe. We have over 8+ years experience in online marketing, programmatic and social Employer Branding and Recruitment Campaigns.


Case Studies will be available soon