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Better Business Act companies – what are they and is it worth gaining this certificate?


Research, market analyses, interviews and social experiments have repeatedly shown that employees show a greater level of satisfaction and satisfaction with work when accompanied by a sense of purpose and meaning.

As we know, greater satisfaction means greater commitment, and this translates directly into the profits of companies, large and small businesses. As we know, any strategic report will show the same tendency.

Companies realizing this correlation, wanting to improve their results, increase their earnings and the scale of business maneuvers, implement a whole range of projects, amenities, actions and innovative solutions aimed at improving working conditions and providing employees with the best possible circumstances to work efficiently, conscientiously and honestly.


Money or sense of meaning? Why not both?

The largest global brands and corporations have been actively involved in social and charity life for several years. They want to change something, have an impact, and give their work and employees a goal and mission. Economic activity with clearly defined ambitions and priorities can boast not only a respected image in its industry but also ease and interest in its job vacancies.

People want to work in places that will give their lives a sense of meaning and values ​​that are worth fighting for, and, as is known in the group, strength.

The idea of changing the company law can be revolutionary in terms of society and the environment. Business act coalition is using business at its best by signing a new contract, speaking with the government and directors asking for more than just money.

Better business act is a project implemented in Great Britain in 2021, which has had a huge impact on global markets. Embodied a chance to change UK law. Great Britain needs a business like any other country in the world. Others should follow their pattern and join the movement by becoming a part of the coalition. It consists in the legislation of the will to change on a larger scale.

It encourages companies, corporations and businesses to fight for what is common. The idea is to care for the good and finances not only of the company itself and its economic stability, but also involved in charity and social campaigns, increasing public awareness on many important levels, such as global warming, climate change, waste segregation, alternative energy sources or fighting for the survival of endangered animal species.

Higher goals do not mean losses, unrealistic and unprofitable financial outlays or sacrifices, but mainly the willingness of the founders and management staff. Each company consists of teams whose task is to cooperate and activities aimed at increasing the company’s profits and making efforts to its best achievements, results and successes.

So why not expand the cooperation and intimacy of the team with a broader activity, since it will bring not only many benefits to the company and communities, but also give our lives a sense of purpose and an atmosphere of cooperation?

There is a huge social impact in a matter of world-changing and sense of goal, what we do can be important. Those who had chosen to be part of the coalition operate together at campaign progress new coalition members’ invitations to events. They put effort on gaining profit and giving engagement in return. Any enterprise can link financial benefits with positive environmental and social impacts.

This line of thinking is followed by the business leaders involved in Better business act. It is legislation of a minor legal change in the form of an obligation to engage businesses in social projects aimed at the good of larger communities and care for their own image and employee performance.

These companies want to care of wider society and the environment. Chance for a cleaner greener fairer future and equality in the world. Little effort on the part of a large group of people who creates a company can lead to great changes on a global scale – “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” One man can change a lot, a single company can change more, how much can change the whole industry working together?


The idea of a business act campaign.

The coalition that was formed in support of the Better Business Act has brought together over 800 corporations. They all share the idea that the mission and goal of a larger scale are not incompatible with the profitability of the business. 

Business act campaign progress is a chance to fight global problems on many levels.

The corporate social responsibility is a concept closely related to the Better Business Act and can manifest itself on many levels. Companies depending on the industry, target group or ideas and priorities decide to support various types of charity, environmental or social campaigns. Watching advertisements, listening to the radio or browsing the Internet, we have the opportunity to experience the individual efforts of companies and look at the content that they promote in their advertising spots or promotions. These are long-term activities, they are taken not only on a local but also on a global level, promoting values ​​and increasing social awareness by sensitizing people to the problems around us.

At the same time, it is the company’s marketing success, as it gains an empathic, human face, which makes the brand evoke more positive associations and feelings.

The most famous and respected brands are among the companies that do not hide their respect and awareness of ecology. Such activities include, among others, investments that minimize the negative impact on the environment. It is here that we distinguish initiatives such as the implementation of environmental policy, sustainable management of raw materials, waste segregation, environmental education of employees and customers, as well as the implementation of ecological technological processes and ecological products and services.

Many well-known brands have already started taking measures to reduce the production of plastic and polyester, and this is just one of many examples of ideas for reducing the pollution of the Earth. Below are some of them that support activities supporting ecology.


Companies involved in better business act campaign


McDonald’s and Starbucks

The great economic giant that McDonald’s undoubtedly is has been working for years to save the planet. One of the company’s goals is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from offices and restaurants by 36% by 2030. As a result, 150 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent will not be released into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of 32 million passenger cars. Additionally, as part of the Scale for Good global strategy, the fast-food chain has committed to the fact that all packaging for restaurant guests will be made of recycled material (or certified production) by 2025, and that it will also be recycled later. McDonald’s has decided to join forces to protect the environment in a landmark partnership with Starbucks. Together, these two catering corporations account for 4% of the annual global production of plastic and paper cups. Their initiative, called NextGen Cup Challenge, aims to develop a new type of cup, fully recyclable and compostable.

Starbucks itself is also active in the field of ecology. A few months ago, the company entered into a partnership with Parley For The Oceans, enabling customers to purchase a special, ecological bottle. Now the brand owners have informed their customers that by 2020 Starbucks will completely abandon plastic straws, which will soon replace cups with a special lid, similar to the one in the so-called non-spill cups intended for children. This solution is a guarantee that the drink will not spill, and in addition, the cups will be made of recycled material.



The Swedish retail chain also belongs to the group of companies that value ecology. Cooperation with Neste is full of environmentally friendly activities. Their joint plan is to produce eco-friendly plastic. IKEA wants to reduce the amount of plastics in the environment around us, as well as reduce the use of fossil fuels. Plastic can be recycled. Recyclable products and waste such as used cooking oil will be used. The first, so far, pilot production of this type is scheduled to start this fall. The reduction of plastic straws, stirrers and other disposable products from shops and restaurants will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy efficiency to combat climate change.



Adidas is also a brand that values ​​ecology. Recently, the company announced that by 2024 all shoes will be made of plastic extracted from the ocean. This is a very ambitious plan, not least because of annual sales reaching 450 million pairs of shoes. Parley the Oceans is helping the company in the implementation of the project. The organization collects used plastic from the sea and beaches, then cleans it and recycles it. Like McDonalds, Adidas has pledged to use only recycled materials by the end of 2024.



The corporation is also starting to think about pro-ecological solutions in its production. Some time ago, the brand presented ecological packaging for its shoes from the Air Max line, which was made using only recycled materials.

The climate crisis and social inequality are deep and pressing issues that have been exposed by the COVID crisis and can only be solved if we harness the enormous potential of entrepreneurs, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The UK leads the Better Buissness Act movement, as much as 76% of Great Britain want companies to be legally responsible for their impact on the environment and the problems faced by the planet. Three-quarters of the British public believe that business is responsible for protecting the environment, and the majority prefer brands that do good in the world.

The Better Business Act is an innovation that makes the problems that have so far been a concern of companies only characterized by high awareness and care for the common good, will be a duty for everyone. After all, each of us contributes to discrimination, global warming, and social problems.

Charitable and charitable activities are also ways of working together to improve the living conditions of many people. Below are companies that contribute to social assistance.


The company has a system for submitting ideas for charity projects. The best ones are regularly selected for which the company raises funds and implements as part of the brand policy. Tchibo implements such projects as going to the theater for children from orphanages, trips and workshops organized for people with mental problems, a football tournament for the homeless and people at risk of exclusion.



The company offered its employees an additional two days off a year in order to spend them on social activities. Charitable actions in which he is involved include, among others, renovation of playgrounds, donating blood or cleaning forests.

Another trend about the specificity of the Better Business Act movement is involvement in movements aimed at empowering women in the interests of equality. This is an extremely important problem that the world has been facing for centuries, ignoring women on many levels. These deliberate marketing and social efforts in the fight for women have been called Femvertising.

Brands use it to show the diversity of women, their strength, equality and character. Companies from a wide variety of world-class markets and industries oppose the unequal treatment of women and, by advertising their own business and image, deliver a message that should be an obvious view, but still a battlefield.



The brand carries out many activities aimed at the emancipation of women on many levels and opposing the patriarchy. They enable women to undertake courses, new career paths, and expand their opportunities and fields of action in the field of their professional career. It assumes providing them with practical knowledge about building a career and developing their own business, but also increasing motivation and self-confidence. As part of the program, women could take advantage of numerous online courses and workshops in their city. Thanks to Coca-Cola, 1,000 more women join the group of users of the program every month.



Yes recently showed remarkable courage and a clear message of tolerance, the fight for equal rights, and respect for female strength. The new advertising spot, along with the entire campaign to which it belongs, mainly includes not celebrities but ordinary women, who for many people have become role models to follow. is another market giant that sided with women and their rights. The spot entitled “Lifespiration starts here” is full of female energy and positive emotions. Dancing, boxing, traveling, managing a corporation or climbing a tree – each woman has her own original idea and is not afraid to manifest it. Authenticity, truthfulness, real life reality and personality presented in a full range of colors.



Definitely any activity towards any higher purpose matters. Perhaps we would like to work in a place that cares about the environment, where it will not be indifferent whether the garbage is segregated or not.

We feel the injustice of the world in the area of material and financial differences of different communities and we want to help change the situation of people in their difficult periods of life.

We are irritated by the still non-obvious equality and we want to help create advertising spots showing strong female characters by creating models and adding them to the shape of pop culture. Regardless of what is important to us, thanks to the Better Business Act movement, finding a company with similar values will be easier, because each workplace will have to act, change and fight in some field.