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Work culture vs personal values


How to feel satisfied at work – a job that aligns with your values.

Each of us faced a moment in life when it was necessary to choose a possible career path. We struggle with our own expectations, but also from the family, society and micro environments in the form of schools or friends. Making such a decision usually makes us choose between what we love – passion and hobby, and a certain reward and a compromise in the field of satisfaction. So is there a golden mean? Is it possible to be satisfied and happy, and at the same time work in the so-called “Nine to five”?

Of course, it is said that not everyone is lucky enough to work in a profession that is also his passion. Well, not really. It depends on us in which company we will work and with what emotional approach we will work. The company can be compared to a human being. Each one is different, with different views, has its own laws, customs and rules. Due to these differences, not all people fit together, just as not every person fits every company. So, what should we consider when looking for a job? What factors should be met for the job to be satisfactory for us?

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Company values matters.

When looking for a job, the most important thing is to properly match the workplace culture to our values, skills, strengths, weaknesses and views. Working in a place where we feel not only part of the team, but also that we belong to something larger and important, translates directly into career satisfaction and our own emotional well-being. Find out more how work values are essential to the career.

We are lucky to live in a time when both employers and employees are aware of this close relationship. This makes it more likely that not only us, but also our potential superiors, will care about a good atmosphere in the workplace, “chemistry” in shared tasks in the team and our personal satisfaction. Especially the latter consists of many factors. In addition to the sphere of our contribution to the image of the company and what we have to offer, a huge part is also what the company gives us. It is a kind of barter trade, so what can we get in return for diligence, skills, motivation and good will?

It is in the interest of both sides, both ours and our potential managers and superiors, that we simply feel good. For this purpose, companies work and develop Human Resources departments, whose task is to make sure that our needs as employees are met. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” thus, the most popular forms of benefits for an employed person is private health care, life insurance and wellbeing and mental health support. In addition, companies usually employ people who are responsible for solving conflicts in the team and taking care of a good atmosphere and harmonious cooperation between employees, because as mentioned – everyone is different.


Well, everyone is different, so different things will be our priorities in our job search. So what should we consider when looking for a job suited to us and our values?

In 2019, the results of research conducted by CBOS were published, aimed at examining the level of employee satisfaction and the factors that constitute it. Interestingly, the results were remarkably similar, almost identical to those achieved in the same study 20 years earlier. This is proof that despite the world rushing forward, the wave of technological changes and those taking place in our minds, at the root of it really important – nothing changes.

The participants of the study concluded that the most important factors are the compliance of personal interests with the performed function and the sense of meaning and purpose in the performed work. Less important for the respondents were the possibility of development, stable salary, the amount of payment and the feeling of using all their competences. The last positions in the hierarchy of core values were the adjustment of education to the profession and social benefits.

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The factors that influence our job satisfaction can be divided into three categories:

  • organizational factors
  • personal factors
  • social factors

Organizational factors

Organizational factors include; payout, the possibility of development and promotion, stability and a sense of security, as well as the opportunities that the company opens up. These are the basic needs of each employee and obvious desires, when they are provided to us, we can reach deeper into the pyramid of needs.

Personal factors

Another type of factor is personal. They include our age, life and work experience, gender, personality, views, priorities and character. This is where our sense of purpose and meaning begins on an immaterial plane.

Social factors

Social factors include the atmosphere in which we work, our relationship with co-workers, boss, supervisor, interpersonal interactions, respecting and being respected. These factors allow us to feel part of the team, contribute to our effectiveness and meet the needs of interactions and interpersonal relationships in the team.

Workplace values and company culture plays important part.

Of course, the employer plays a huge role when it comes to employee satisfaction. It is he who is responsible for properly managing the team, rewarding effort and providing advice and assistance in the event of a stumble. By solving problems on an ongoing basis, major and minor conflicts between employees, he should ensure that the atmosphere of the workplace is not dominated by understatements, and instead honesty, openness and mutual respect. By imposing certain requirements and behavior patterns on employees from the beginning of employment, it is easier for us to accommodate ourselves in the new workplace and smoothly fit into its life.

From the psychological point of view, the correlation between job satisfaction and life satisfaction was described by Dr. Jeremy Dean, a psychologist at University College London. He formulated a list of the role-playing elements in our perception of work.

– everyday problems

These are seemingly irrelevant issues, little trifles that, in the broader perspective, accumulated, make it difficult for us to function in the workplace and lower our efficiency. It is worth paying attention and considering what slows us down, irritates us or does not respond, and then report the problem to eliminate it.

– opportunities and prospects

The feeling that the ladder we are climbing still has many steps. Motivation in the form of the possibility of promotion or expansion of the scope of duties, field of activity, trust or competence.

– equity

We are all employees and no matter what the rank of the position, certain rules of treatment should apply. Equality and respect are the basis for good and effective cooperation regardless of the company’s industry.

– feedback

The system we work for has certain patterns of action for each position. It is extremely important that the work we do is regularly assessed by the supervisor. Comments in the form of feedback, positive or negative, are equally valuable and will show us the correct path of action, improving our results, which in turn directly contributes to the feeling of a well-fulfilled obligation.

– differentiation of responsibilities

The challenges and responsibilities facing us should be varied and on a level of difficulty adjusted to our competences, education and experience. So that the tasks are not impossible to perform, but require our efforts, work and attention. Their variety and non-monotony play a key role in keeping you focused and avoiding boredom from work.

– control and trust

Control of the performance of tasks, or rather the way in which they are controlled, is the main factor that builds the employee-employer relationship and trust. Showing faith in the skills of the employee in the form of specifying the problem or task in detail, and the lack of interference in the manner of its implementation puts the employee in the position of a competent person who is able to perform the work independently. As a result, the employee puts more effort into completing the task correctly, as he has been endowed with a credit of trust in the form of a specialist.

– support

Effective work resonates with support. It is the employer’s job to make every effort to ensure that the employee feels needed. Seeing your own work as part of the mechanism of a big machine, where every part counts, is extremely important.

– personal life

Separating your personal life from your professional life can be very challenging. Family problems or various worries lower our satisfaction with our own work and, as a result, cast a shadow over the workplace.

– individual predispositions

Each employee has a different predisposition and a different approach to work. You should take into account that sometimes, despite our best efforts, we will not be able to meet all the needs of the other person. Excessive expectations, a tendency to complain, and perpetual dissatisfaction can be part of the personality of some people.

Knowing what factors have a direct impact on our level of satisfaction with work, it is easier to adjust it to our personal preferences. It is always possible to find a company that, through its external and internal activities, is able to provide us with the comfort of work and life.

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The importance of personal values while changing a job.

In the 21st century, there is a lot of talk about the image of companies, the priorities and “personality” of the brand. Well, we do not realize how much in our perception of ourselves and our life can be changed by work in a company, adjusted to our personal values. When looking for a job and an organization or a company in which we want to undertake it, pay attention to the ideological profile represented by the company. Ask yourself, “What company do I want to work for and what values ​​are key to me? Am I a good fit for this organization?”. Our needs will differ depending on the factors listed above as “personal”. Young people, full of motivation and thirsty for new incentives and experiences, will expect other opportunities from employers than older people who are more professionally and in life, who want stability and a sense of security in terms of earnings.

Companies often support various directions of activities in terms of political and philosophical views, thus giving the opportunity to feel belonging to a group of like-minded people, jointly striving for changes on a larger scale. By engaging in charity and social campaigns, supporting minority rights or fighting for environmental awareness, our work can take on additional meaning and thus give us an additional purpose, meaning and sense of making positive impact. Being aware of this, in line with the idea and will to change in the world, companies also operate in this area.

Attention to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Hence the growing tendency of attention to social media. It is thanks to them that the great global brands can promote their ideas, manifest their values ​​and create their identity. So research in this matter is extremely advisable. Much is said about the fight for equity, despite the progress of technology and social awareness, this topic, as well as minority rights, are still things with which the whole world is struggling. The popularity of the issues mentioned; the rights of women, LGBT + people, national and ethnic minorities or general equality continue to grow, along with decreasing ignorance in this regard. Being part of this process, working for an ambitious company is lucrative for everyone.

People-first culture.

In addition to activities in this area, many companies put charity, family values, support for young parents and understanding in combining private and professional life, giving advice and new options in the field of “work-life balance”.

Higher purpose.

In the world we live in, there are many universal topics, always topical, worth fighting for and in which to change or act. The sense of meaning is the main effect that directly affects us. By working in a company that raises the hierarchy of priorities, e.g. ecology, being privately interested in this topic, we gain a goal and be a member of activities in the fight for a healed planet. The overall job satisfaction is influenced by a number of elements, not always dependent on us.


However, we have the greatest decision-making and the question of our own happiness in the form of making a choice.

We choose a place where we will spend an average of 40 hours a week, so the responsibility lies in our hands. It is not true that work must be boring, monotonous and treated as punishment. It is in our interest to choose the right workplace so that you feel comfortable in it. The company’s policy, its image, views and general feelings about the brand can be extremely helpful and significant in choosing the right job for us. In the first place, you should put your own comfort and your own well-being, because we will perform a given profession or position.

Learn more about balancing values here.

Our friends, family and teachers are an important source of advice and it is worth listening to many sources of information, especially from people who care about us. The final decision, however, still belongs to us and we must feel that this profession, company or position is in line with our personality and expectations. It is a two-way relationship. A satisfied employee is an effective employee for the employer, so everyone wins.

Thanks to research, we are able to learn more about potential employers, in order to make right career choices. The 21st century offers us a whole range of solutions and tools, such as the Internet, which make it easier for us to properly understand the labor market in the industry we are interested in. Internet portals, forums, social media profiles are all sources of information that will show us the way in line with our priorities, personality and requirements, but let’s face it, it requires a lot of effort.

AmaJob helps you find the job in a company with a culture that aligns with your values.

Making right career choices requires a lot of effort. It is not easy to find company whose values ​​align with ours, but also to verify, if communicated employer brand, isn’t just advertising, and behind beautiful words, there are real values ​​and actions.

That is why, we are creating extensive list of UK companies with verified culture – values and benefits, in order help you find the right employer with less effort. Check the list here.

There is no need to accept the overrated view that there is money behind boredom. We are able to find a job that, apart from financial benefits, will also provide us with calm mind, happiness, satisfaction and the feeling that our contribution and work matters.