Is work an integral part of your life, or are you struggling to fit into company with a culture that doesn’t suit you?

Working in modern companies allows uniting personal values with business success,

so are you ready to choose?

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Our Statement

Job change is a challenge

We would like to minimize the risk of choosing wrong, by giving you the tools to find a place that suites you best.

Our Statement

There is no work/life distinction

Everyone should be able to work for the company with a culture that aligns with their own personal values, like: family, care for the Planet, willingness to travel, to grow and develop, or desire to work for the higher purpose.

Our Statement

Diversity, equity and inclusion matters

Everyone should feel comfortable at work – regardless of nationality, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, or even character (you can be an introvert and that’s fine).

Our Statement

Workplace shouldn't be just about profit

Employers should care about their people, society and the planet in the equal way they care about the profit.