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How to reach a better work-life balance? Four-day working week companies can be the answer you are looking for.


Four day working week is a new idea for keeping yourself more motivated and healthier in terms of work life balance.

For years, full-time work has been associated with forty hours a week. However, this outline has been changing dynamically in recent years. Both employers and employees see the relationship between the emotional commitment of an employee and their mental health, and the financial benefits of the company.

The idea of ​​4 working days a week and 3 days off provides employees with mental comfort, free time to relax and rest. After 32 hours of work, employees have more time for themselves.

Four day week provides extra time for selfcare, healthier employee means a better worker and employers, luckily, know that.

Employers are recognizing the benefits of a compressed work in 4 day system and better work life balance in terms of teams’ mental health.

Healthy work life balance is a win-win deal profitable for everyone.

Research and surveys clearly show that employees only want to work 4 days a week. The research on the group of people aged 22 to 35 shows that as many as 32% of people would not change their job if they were to work only 4 days a week. The same survey also found that 80% of all respondents support a four-day working week and prefer flexible working schedules.

Shorter working week affects productivity focused strategies and the entire team. Full time employees have to be prepared for four day week challenges having only 2 days for themselves. Luckily this concept of a full job schedule is ending.


A healthier work life balance is a way to improve a team’s mental health. The idea of 32 hours worked and three day weekends make people more committed and dedicated to their profession. Eight hour days x4 times per week is the system we all know. Flexible work arrangements giving 32 hours for duties make employees more effective in their job. Shorter working hours with the same amount of work is a much cheaper option for companies that have to pay for the office space.

Statistics in the matter of four day work week companies speak for themselves. Have a look:

  • 95.4% want a four-day working week
  • 90% believe that the five-day working week is outdated
  • 97% believe they would be more productive if they worked four days a week
  • 98% believe their mental health would improve

So, we already know how big the impact of 4 working days is on us. Now let’s find out how to find a place that can offer that schedule!

  1. Make a research
    Doing the right research will help you find a workplace that’s right for you and your skills. Try to read about the exact functioning of the four-day working week and the details on this related topic. The more information you have about trends in this area, the easier it will be to find your new dream job!
  2. Crucial key words
    It is important to remember about the keywords. When looking for information on the 4-day working week, try to list phrases in the search engine such as: four day workweeks, four eight hour days, four day week, four day work week companies, four day workweek, software company etc.It will help for sure 🙂
  3. Promote yourself
    Imagine you found a company with a modern approach and culture 4 days a week. Now it is in your best interest to introduce yourself as a person for whom a more tight-fit job will be much more lucrative for the employer. List in your advantages such features as; – good organization and time management skills – punctuality – motivation, etc.

Few companies examples with a 4-day workweek

  • Basecamp.
  • Bolt.
  • Buffer.
  • DNSFilter.
  • G2i.
  • GooseChase.
  • Kickstarter.
  • Nectafy.