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What is programmatic?

Programmatic advertising is the process of automatically buying digital advertising space to display your ads on a network of websites. Programmatic platforms have been growing their inventory and database such that any format and any channel can be accessed programmatically today.

One of the biggest advantages od programmatic is the possibility to reach and attract audiences based on very precise targeting capabilities, so that advertisers only pay for ads delivered to the right people at the right time.

In a brief:

When you buy an advertisement in programmatic, you do not buy a permanent space for a campaign on a website or on a video platform. Every time a user enters a website with available advertising space, an auction (RTB) takes place in real time, which determines what advertisement the user sees in the dedicated place in his browser. If the algorithms find that this particular recipient fits your target group, they will automatically buy the ad space and the user sees your banner.

Programmatic Campaign features

Precise Targeting, by:

  • Geography, device and language
  • Age, gender, education, employment
  • Intentions ex. job change
  • Industry: IT, HR, Finance, Advertising, HR ect.
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Domains and site context

Real-time measurements

  • As soon as campaign is live, we are able to see in-depth data that helps us build and execute the best programmatic advertising campaign possible

Brand safety settings

  • “Brand safety” gives you guarantee that your banner won’t appear on the domains or in the contexts that could harm your Employer Image (ex. violence, adult content, alcohol…)

Elastic retargeting capabilities

  • Programmatic works in real time which allows us to retarget users that were interested in your open position during last hours or even minutes.
  • Cross-device targeting allows to target the same user on different devices

Wide reach and unlimited capping

  • Programmatic ad networks allow to advertise on websites that are not offered by Google Ads – for example on the most popular VOD platforms, which allows reaching wider audience
  • Daily capping allows to set total limit of ad impressions per one user, which gives you control over campaign aggressiveness

Social media Employer Branding & Recruitment Campaigns

Nowadays we can not underestimate the importance of social media in modern recruitment marketing. We create the right solutions for Your social media strategy, by driving user engagement and targeting the best suited candidates.

Our expertise across major platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram ensures your campaigns will reach the right audience and creates satisfying conversion rates.

Google Ads Recruitment Campaigns

Google Ads are extremely integral part of the recruitment landscape, especially when it comes to attract potential job candidates. While setting Google Ads campaign we create employee personas and their search habits, to identify best search terms, and reach best fitting potential candidates.

Why should you try Employer Branding Campaign?

Reach best fitting, potential candidates

by programmatic in-depth targeting and social media

Build recognizable Employer Brand

by increased audience reach

Achieve great efficiency

Programmatic and social advertising makes your HR money work efficient and drive more ROI

Be in control

Real-time data and precise targeting gives you full control over campaign

This is how we work

We help you reach best fitting employees by creating Programmatic & Social Campaigns


Your challange

We get to know what are your problems and needs. Are you looking more for a Lead Generation Recruitment Campaign, or rather Employer Brand Awareness Campaign.

Campaign strategy

We establish Campaign Strategy, budget, timing and media's.

Recruitment Process Audit

In order to achieve optimal results from the Campaign, the entire recruitment process should be user-frinedly.


We launch your Campaign in programmatic and selected social medias.

Campaign optimization

We constantly monitor and optimize your campaign to reach the best possible results.

Reports and communication

We stay in constant communication: we send you weekly reports, clear up the doubts, organize evaluation meetings.

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